Kim Daley | Creative Portfolio

Dark Nature

Dark Nature is an immersive exhibition at the American Museum of Natural History that aims to engage and educate guests through interactive technology, allowing them adapt to the surrounding nature. 

Their senses are heightened through a series of interactive experiences as they explore the darkest of habitats: the wild tropical rainforest, the extreme depths of the sea and the perpetual darkness of the cave.

Concept, Design, Art Direction

In collaboration with Mariana Silva


Transition into Darkness: The Cave
In this first section of the exhibit, guests are invited to walk through the cave, which interacts with them through motion-sensing technology. As guests approach certain areas of the cave, the interface prompts them to learn more about the creatures that dwell here.


The Canopy and Beyond: The Tropical Rainforest
The second area of the exhibit includes five 12 ft tall interactive panels that allow guests to discover the diversified wildlife that lives here: from the forest floor up to the towering canopy.


Uncover the Night Lights: The Deep Ocean
The final area of the exhibit includes four large semi-domes that immerse guests in the bright bioluminescence sights of the deep ocean. Using kinect technology, guests are able to dive deeper into the dark depths of the ocean. 


Marketing Opportunities 
Two examples of promotional experiences for the exhibition. An interactive billboard that reveals what lurks beneath as well as exterior signage on the facade of the museum that highlights the three immersive experiences.